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White Helmets plotting false-flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib

Summary of Disinformation

The White Helmets are plotting a new false-flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib. The Western-backed, pseudo-humanitarian group will then pin the responsibility on the Syrian government.

Last March, the ‘civil defence’ organisation cooperated with the intelligence services of France and Belgium to stage a similar provocation in the same area. In April 2018, the group staged a chemical attack in the city of Douma.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative blaming Western governments and organizations for "false-flag attacks" in Syria, and painting the White Helmets as terrorists and war criminals.

The report provides zero proof to support the allegation. It even refers to the alleged plot as a "new" attack, alluding to Moscow's earlier and equally outlandish claims. Available evidence on chemical attacks in Syria, however, has yet to link a single incident to any other party than the Assad regime.

It also remains unexplained why, according to the misinforming outlet, the White Helmets would choose to perpetrate real chemical attacks in one city, but stage fake ones in another. See our recent debunking of Moscow's Douma-related narrative here.

See here for our debunking of the claim that France and Belgium were preparing a false-flag attack of their own.

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Reported in: Issue 148
Date: 24.04.2019
Language: English
Country: Syria
Keywords: false flag, Douma, Idlib, White Helmets, Chemical weapons/attack, Syrian War
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RT
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