Disinfo: The WHO and Microsoft sabotaged the Russian vaccine against coronavirus


The World Health Organisation became a mere branch of the foundation created by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. The ‘Sputnik moment’ after Russia announced the first vaccine against Covid-19 in the world arose the envy and the fury of Anglo-Saxon media, fond of globalism and pawns in the geopolitical and pharmacological vaccine race. What is more striking is that the controversial WHO joined the unfounded criticism of its sponsors. If one checks its 20 main donors, the result is disturbing: after the notorious exit of Donald Trump, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was left in the first place, followed by the United Kingdom, and the controversial GAVI Alliance in the fourth place. Such an Anglo-Saxon globalist project to control the health of humankind!


Conspiracy theory not based on any evidence, mixing several recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives against Bill Gates and global vaccination. This is part of a Russian disinformation campaign accusing international bodies and Western institutions of having a hidden agenda, launched after the announcement of the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V was met with scepticism and criticism, even by Russian specialists.

Contrary to the claim, the World Health Organisation didn’t sabotage the vaccine, but rather initiated talks with Russian authorities about undertaking a review of the vaccine. However, it refused to endorse it right away and expressed some reservations about the procedure followed by Russia, given that the country hasn’t completed large trials to test the vaccine’s safety and efficacy and experts consider that rolling out an inadequately vetted vaccine could endanger people who receive it. On August 2020, the WHO published a landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines, which considered the Russian project developed by Gamaleya Research Institute as being in Phase 1 of clinical testing yet.

See other examples of these disinformation narratives in our database, such as claims that Bill Gates wants to use vaccines to cull humanity; that US protests were organised to support his efforts to vaccinate Americans by force; that he artificially created Covid-19 and Zika viruses; or that he is working on depopulation policies and plans for dictatorial control of world politics.


  • Reported in: Issue 208
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/08/2020
  • Language/target audience: Spanish, Castilian
  • Country: UK, Russia, US
  • Keywords: vaccination, Bill Gates, Anti-Russian, WHO


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Russia has never attempted to influence democratic processes in any country

Russia has never attempted to influence democratic processes in any country and all such allegations are absolutely unfounded


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative attempting to depict accusations of Russian meddling in Western democratic processes as factually unfounded and driven by "Russophobia".

Independent research, media investigations and parliamentary inquiries have uncovered evidence linking Russian state actors with interference in various electoral processes, including the 2016 Brexit vote, the 2017 French Presidential elections, the 2017 German Parliamentary elections, the 2016 constitutional referendum in Italy and the Dutch referendum on the EU’s Association Agreement with Ukraine.

NATO has continously expanded eastward despite promises made to Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990

In the last three decades, NATO has continuously expanded eastward to Russia’s borders, despite former Secretary of State James Baker’s pledge to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that the West would not deploy troops east of reunified Germany in 1990.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that NATO had promised Russia that it would not expand to the East and that Russia has been encircled by NATO.

NATO allies take decisions by consensus and these are recorded. There is no record of any decision taken by NATO about putting a halt to enlargement to the East. Personal assurances from individual leaders cannot replace Alliance consensus and do not constitute formal NATO agreements. Moreover, at the time of the alleged promise, the Warsaw Pact still existed, which by definition precluded any member of the Pact joining NATO. Its members did not agree on its dissolution until 1991. This was confirmed by Mikhail Gorbachev himself in an interview with Russia Beyond the Headlines:

Liberalism is a crime against humanity

Liberalism is a crime against humanity. Today liberals increasingly fuel civil wars, social injustice, occupations, colonisation, de-humanisation. To be a liberal means to be sub-human, a sick and perverse creature, a criminal. Like liberalism, communism and fascism were also totalitarian regimes. But while communism and fascism belong to the past, liberalism is a real danger, a criminal world order that is still in place.


Conspiracy theory. No evidence is provided to support the article’s claims.

This message is consistent with the recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that seeks to discredit liberalism claiming that the West’s liberal societies are totalitarian regimes ruled by “globalist elites” and “shadow governments” and that the liberal West and “globalist élites” are responsible for violent upheavals, military interventions, wars, anarchy and chaos throughout the world.