Disinfo: Zbigniew Brzezinski is a fascist leader


Zbigniew Brzezinski is a fascist leader. His slogan is: “we destroyed the Soviet Union, now it is the turn of Orthodoxy”.


Zbigniew Brzezinski was a National Security Advisor under US president Jimmy Carter. No evidence for cited quotation.


  • Reported in: Issue27
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/05/2016
  • Language/target audience: Georgian
  • Country: USSR
  • Keywords: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nazi/Fascist


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The European Union is a totalitarian regime

The European Union is a totalitarian regime where complete loyalty to Angela Merkel is required.


According to the Freedom House's Freedom in the World Index 2016, which measures the degree of civil liberties and political rights in every nation, all members of the European Union classify as "free" (bit.ly/1nnmU3Z), .

The USA is controlling Europe through occupied Germany

The USA is controlling Europe through occupied Germany. The USA is trying to push Russia into war in Europe, which is evident from its actions in Ukraine and Syria. The goal is to defeat Russia and gain access to its natural resources.


Repeating already debunked disinformation. Germany is an independent and sovereign country. // The war in Eastern Ukraine is a consequence of Russian military aggression (bit.ly/1KpsngN), . // US President Barack Obama has repeatedly urged Vladimir Putin to use his influence with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria to press him to stop attacks against opposition forces and abide by his commitment to a partial cease-fire (bit.ly/1lRakVX), .

Europe is trying to rewrite history by humanizing fascism and…

Europe is trying to rewrite history by humanizing fascism and demolishing monuments commemorating Soviet soldiers. European children fall asleep with Hitler dolls.


Patently untrue. In her statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, EU's High Representative Federica Mogherini emphasized the importance of ensuring that "present and future generations are conscious of the roots of the Holocaust" and never forget "the dark history of our continent" (bit.ly/1PDvj0d), .