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Lawfare currently hosts eight podcasts offering a variety of perspectives on national security. Our recommendation: The Lawfare Podcast and the Arbiters Of Truth episodes on disinformation and platform policy, #LiveFromUkraine and ChinaTalk. Available in English

Podcast by Deutsche Welle with Alexander Plyushchev and Tatyana Felgenhauer. Commenting current affairs, ina particular Russia’s war in Ukraine. Available in Russian

To raise awareness about Ukrainian history and to counter Russian disinformation which aims to spread falsified information about the past, Media and Communication Educational and Research Center (MCERC) teamed up with a local online media platform Publika and launched a series of “History Keepers” podcasts. The series is narrated by Olena Shevchenko from Taras Shevchenko […]

Podcasts on the information war with Jessika Aro and Liz Wahl, who have “been on the front lines of the information war before most of the world even knew there was an information war”. Available in English

The podcast on the intersection of power and corruption over topics such as conspiracy theories, unbelievable stories, election rigging and many more. Available in English

Daily podcast by Detector Media, demystifying Russian disinformation in the context of war in Ukraine. It also offers tips on how to avoid falling for disinformation. Host Vadym Misky.

The Naked Pravda highlights how our top reporting intersects with the wider research and expertise that exists about Russia. Here you’ll hear from the world’s community of Russia experts, activists, and reporters about issues that are at the heart of Meduza’s stories and crucial to major events in and around Russia. Available in English

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty podcasts about weekly most important developments in Russia. It’s hosted each Monday by Steve Gutterman, and features a rotating panel of guests. Available in English

What matters for Ukrainians discussed by the Ukrainians. Amplifying their voices and topics important to them. Available in English

What’s fake, what’s real? Stories from the information war over Ukraine. BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring speaks to people caught up in the battle for the truth. Podcast by BBC Radio 4. Available in English

8-part miniseries on the “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions. Namely, whether it was a plot by the CIA to undermine the Soviet Union. A highly enjoyable and professionally narrated entertainment. Available in English

Ukrainian journalist Anna Filimonova and Russian journalist Aleksey Ponomaryov discuss what is happening in Ukraine and Russia. Available in Russian

Meduza’s podcast discussing most notable Meduza’s text of the week. Here you can hear the voices of the characters, a conversation with the author, details that were not included in the text, and music specially written for this story. Available in Russian

Novaya Gazeta’s podcast about major events in Russia and around the world. The podcast has been suspended, but it is still possible to listen to the old episodes. Available in Russian