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The All-Powerful Mr Soros

April 28, 2017

As we have previously reported, NGOs are often targeted in pro-Kremlin disinformation. But sometimes the individuals funding NGOs get targeted too. One person that stands out particularly is Mr George Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundations that support democracy and human rights in around 100 countries.

Since the Disinformation Review was launched, we have reported about disinformation directed at Mr Soros on numerous occasions. He has, for example, been accused of

Pro-Kremlin outlets have, moreover, blamed Mr Soros for

Mr Soros has also been accused of

Most recently, disinformation was directed against the Central European University in Budapest, which is funded by Mr Soros. The university and its founder were accused of being “evil Zionists” (original disinformation) and the university also stood accused of preparing its students to be soldiers for the New World Order, and targeting traditional values and nation states (original disinformation).

Not bad for one man. Of course, none of these allegations come with any evidence to support them.