disinfo review

Fifty Ways to Kill Navalny

Pro-Kremlin pundits, most of them residing in the West, generously offer their expertise in "better ways to kill Navalny", weaponising sarcasm as a means of disinformation.

Salisbury all over again

There are numerous parallels to draw, and the pro-Kremlin media has scrambled in an attempt to draw as many as possible.

Disinformation Alignment

Belarusian and Russian state-controlled media have been tweaking and polishing their disinformation narratives, to align them to the same tune.

Freedom as an Imperialist Scheme

The pro-Kremlin media is consumed by the fear of freethinking and independent people, so it is busy reducing them to unwitting pawns played by powerful puppet-masters. Blunt force and lies can subdue the protests, but it can never prevail.

Russia did not… (and anyway, there is no proof)

Despite evidence pointing to the contrary, pro-Kremlin media continues to claim Russia had nothing to do with downing flight MH17, poisoning the Skripals, or interfering in the US elections.

Pro-Kremlin Disinformation Keeps Ignoring Basic Facts on Syria

EU sanctions on Syria have been a favourite target of disinformation from Russia and pro-Kremlin media to discredit the EU’s action in and policy towards Syria. This week we devote the Disinformation Review largely to disinformation on Syria, EU policies and the sanctions regime.

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