“Carthage Must be Destroyed”

“Carthage Must be Destroyed” is a site, managed in Russia and published in several languages in an attempt to reach an international audience. A case-study on the Italian version demonstrates means and methods of pro-Kremlin disinformation efforts.

Telling Half-Truths is Also Lying Telling Half-Truths is Also Lying

While the world is fighting back on the pandemic and launching one of the largest campaigns for vaccination, Russian media engage in campaigning against the Pfizer vaccine.

Waiting for the Advent of the Fifth Stalin Waiting for the Advent of the Fifth Stalin

“Russian Superiority” is a key narrative in pro-Kremlin disinformation. Russia has a mission to the world. A nationalist writer even promises a saviour from Russia: a fifth Stalin.

The Kremlin’s New Favourite Straw Man The Kremlin’s New Favourite Straw Man

The "Straw Man" is a rhetorical device, used in polemical debate: a method of attacking views or ideas, never expressed by the opponent. "Neo-liberal" is the Kremlin's latest straw man.

30 Years of “Colour Revolutions” 30 Years of “Colour Revolutions”

Historical revisionism gets a modern spin as the pro-Kremlin media label the events of January 13, 1991 in Vilnius a “colour revolution”

Dugin and the Discourse of Deception Dugin and the Discourse of Deception

The Kremlin-philosopher Aleksander Dugin claims journalism cannot contribute to truth, so journalism is nothing but persuasion. A misleading discourse to legitimize disinformation.

Lenin, Saving America Lenin, Saving America

Pro-Kremlin outlets mobilise their favourite conspiracy theories when commenting on the January attack on Capitol Hill. Even Lenin is invoked to describe why Trump “failed” to stop power transfer.


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