If You Can’t Shut Down Zoom – Shut Down Zoom If You Can’t Shut Down Zoom – Shut Down Zoom

Local police raided St. Petersburg Café Zoom, suspected for violating health regulations. But the proprietor suspects the police confused the café with the on-line video conference platform Zoom in an attempt to stop a LGBTI-festival.

Tallies from the Crypt Tallies from the Crypt

1.8 million dead voters gave Joe Biden the victory. This is a claim from Russian State TV. The very same number has appeared in connection with elections in the US since 2012. A Russian professor suggests voting rights to the deceased to a larger scale: 27 million Soviet victims of World War II should be allowed to vote!

The Kremlin and the Rise of the Zombie Voters The Kremlin and the Rise of the Zombie Voters

The US presidential election has predictably dominated world news this week. While most world leaders and professional and reputable international media have identified Joe Biden as President-elect, the Kremlin and its media continue supporting claims on election fraud.


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Figure of the Week: 30,000

Figure of the Week: 30,000

The word "Russophobia" has so far in 2020 appeared over 30,000 times in pro-Kremlin media, monitored by the EUvsDisinfo. The concept implies that any kind of criticism towards Russia is "irrational" and based in a deep inbred hostility to Russia.