Repeating a Lie Does Not Make it True

Regurgitation is the editorial policy of pro-Kremlin media. Old claims are re-chewed, spewed up and repeated. The ever-handy idea of "false flag operations" can be used and reused infintely. But repeating lies does not make them true.

MH17-desinfo sinds start proces

Op 9 maart was de eerste zitting van de rechtszaak MH17. Wat gebeurde er sindsdien op desinformatiegebied? We zien de bekende patronen, en de activiteiten van Alexander Aleksandr Malkevitsj.

“Unfeminine Behaviour on Women’s March”

Belarusian Police spokesperson, Colonel Volha Chamadanava, attacks the women's demonstrations for “unfeminine behaviour” and calls for the "weaker sex" to focus on family.

MH17, what happened since March?

On March 9th the hearings of the MH17 process started. What happened since then on the disinformation front? There are some regular patterns, and the activities of Alexander Malkevich.

The Ghosts of the Kremlin’s Past

The profound sense of bitterness and resentment about the past is a core element of pro-Kremlin disinformation. It shapes how both history and present times are portrayed in media loyal to the Kremlin.

More Proof: Disinformation Works!

Disinformation works, and pro-Kremlin disinformation is often able to influence people’s opinions. This is the conclusion drawn from a recent research on “online astroturfing”.


Expose A Conspiracy

Disinformation uses a variety of manipulation tactics. Disinformation stories can easily be created by combining provocative topics. See for yourself – click below to generate a narrative, then check it against our database.

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