The Kremlin’s information manipulation and disinformation attacks on Ukraine began long before the start of the full-scale invasion on 24 February 2022. The Russian state-controlled disinformation apparatus, often spearheaded by the generously funded self-described information weapons RT and Sputnik, was manufacturing myths and false pretexts for invading Ukraine for years, dating back to at least 2014. In fact, the EUvsDisinfo database has collected more than 6000 individual cases of disinformation targeting Ukraine, which is over 40% of all the cases in our database.

Ukraine has not only withstood the brutality of Russia’s onslaught, but is also standing up for the fundamental values of freedom, sovereignty and the right to self-determination, showing the world the true meaning of courage. In addition, Ukraine has braved unprecedented pro-Kremlin disinformation campaigns and information manipulation to support Russia’s criminal war. As the international community continues to support Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and sovereignty, it must also spare no effort to dismantle the false reality about the war that Russia has built on lies and deceit.

Many months have lapsed since Putin unleashed his “three-day war” against Ukraine, perhaps expecting a quick victory or believing his own lies and propaganda. Unfortunately, the war continues – both on the battlefield and in the information space. EUvsDisinfo prepared an overview of the Kremlin’s lies during the first 100 days of the war and continues to monitor and analyse pro-Kremlin disinformation in articles and our weekly disinfo review. For example, here we expose twelve myths about Russia’s war.