Using data analysis and media monitoring services in multiple languages, EUvsDisinfo identifies, compiles, and exposes disinformation cases originating in pro-Kremlin outlets. These cases (and their disproofs) are collected in the EUvsDisinfo database - the only searchable open-source repository of its kind.

The database is updated every week.

Как мы собираем материал

При отборе работ соблюдается баланс между академической глубиной и авторитетностью, а также широтой взглядов и интересов, выходящих за пределы академических. Мы ввели меры контроля качества, а отбор материалов основывается на пяти приведенных ниже тематических областях.

Issue area 1
Субъекты угроз

Эта тематическая область посвящена деятельности основных субъектов угроз, а именно России и Китая, их целям, мотивам и возможностям.

Issue area 2
Методы и инструменты

Эта область охватывает методы и инструменты, используемые субъектами угроз для манипулирования информацией: социальные сети, нарративы, новые технологии и т. д.

Issue area 3
Направления вмешательства

Эта область сосредотачивается на общественно-политических сферах, на которые направлены действия субъектов угроз: социальная сплоченность, политические процессы, здравоохранение, безопасность и внешняя политика.

Issue area 4

Эта тематическая область сосредотачивается на последствиях FIMI (иностранных вмешательств и манипулирования информацией) с точки зрения результатов: когнитивное влияние, социальное и политическое разделение, проекция «мягкой силы» и т. п.

Issue area 5

Эта область предусматривает классификацию типов реагирования на FIMI (иностранные вмешательства и манипулирование информацией) со стороны различных заинтересованных сторон: регуляторные, проактивные и саморегуляторные меры, ответные меры и политические рекомендации.


Субъекты угроз:
Методы и инструменты:
Область вмешательства:
169 результатов
Список Плитка
2023 | Georgetown University Press | Book
Subversion – The Strategic Weaponization of Narratives
Автор: Andreas Krieg
Просмотреть резюме

A book examining how state and nonstate actors take advantage of the information space to sow political chaos with strategic-level effects. Offers some recommendations on bolstering resilience in democratic societies.

2023 | RAND Corporation | Report
The Rise of Generative AI and the Coming Era of Social Media Manipulation 3.0: Next-Generation Chinese Astroturfing and Coping with Ubiquitous AI
Автор: William Marcellino, Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga, Amanda Kerrigan, Lev Navarre Chao, Jackson Smith
Просмотреть резюме

A report on the implications of generative AI for information warfare, arguing that the technology poses a potential national security threat in terms of the risk of misuse by Russia, China and other adversaries in social media manipulation.

2023 | Journal of Information Warfare | Article
Evaluating the Ambiguous Cognitive Terrain: A Framework to Clarify Disinformation
Автор: Brian Murphy
Просмотреть резюме

An analysis of the reasons for the ambiguity about the definition of information warfare explains why national security professionals must develop a framework to identify disinformation as an element of cognitive warfare.

2023 | Pacific Focus | Article
Cyberwarfare and the Weaponization of Information in US–China 21st-Century Geostrategic Rivalry
Автор: Er-Win Tan, Sofiya Sayankina
Просмотреть резюме

An analysis of China and the United States’s use of information as a weapon of statecraft in pursuit of global influence and geostrategic objectives.

2023 | War in Ukraine. Media and Emotions | Article
Information and Information Technologies in the 2022 Russian-Ukrainian War
Автор: Adam R. Bartnicki, Elżbieta Kużelewska, Michał Ożóg
Просмотреть резюме

An analysis of Russian efforts to distort reality in the ongoing war against Ukraine and Ukraine’s effective countermeasures.

2023 | The MIT Press | Book
Managing Meaning in Ukraine: Information, Communication, and Narration since the Euromaidan Revolution
Автор: Göran Bolin, Per Ståhlberg
Просмотреть резюме

An investigation of the intersection of state politics, corporate business and civil activism in information management in Ukraine between 2013 and 2022.

2023 | Journal of Information Warfare | Article
Destabilising a Regime to Support a Military Campaign, and Vice Versa
Автор: Jesse Burdick
Просмотреть резюме

An article on China’s use of information warfare to destabilise foreign regimes in the midst of a potential military or political crisis with democratic governments (drawing lessons from Japan’s experience during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-05).

2023 | Journal of Information Warfare | Article
The Space of Influence: Developing a New Method to Conceptualise Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference on Social Media
Автор: Paul Magnus Hjertvik Buvarp
Просмотреть резюме

A study adapting ‘morphological’ theory to conceptualise social media disinformation threatening democratic processes along five parameters: spread strategy, information channelling, market targeting, presented source, and operational openness.

2023 | RAND Corporation | Article
The Nightingale Versus the Bear: What Persuasion Research Reveals About Ukraine’s and Russia’s Messaging on the War
Автор: Alyssa Demus, Khrystyna Holynska, Krystyna Marcinek
Просмотреть резюме

A report exploring the comparative success of Russia’s and Ukraine’s information campaigins arguing that the popular discourse professing that Russia has lost the information war is oversimplified.

2023 | Great Power Cyber Competition: Competing and Winning in the Information Environment | Chapter
Toward a Whole-of-Society Framework for Countering Disinformation
Автор: JD Maddox, Casi Gentzel, Adela Levis
Просмотреть резюме

A study of measures to combat disinformation, including resilience, regulations, public diplomacy, strategic signalling and counter messaging.

2023 | The Cyber Defense Review (Army Cyber Institute) | Article
Weaponizing Words: Using Technology to Proliferate Information Warfare
Автор: Craig Douglas Albert, Samantha Mullaney, Joseph Huitt, Lance Y. Hunter, Lydia Snider
Просмотреть резюме

A review of ways that the United States could improve its capacity in information warfare against China, with policy recommendations.

2023 | Business Information Review | Article
(Dis)information Warfare: Risks for Businesses
Автор: Luke Tredinnick
Просмотреть резюме

An analysis of the threat of information warfare for commercial organisations and the role of information professionals in mitigating them.

2023 | Cyber Security Policies and Strategies of the World's Leading States | Chapter
Cognitive Warfare: A Psychological Strategy to Manipulate Public Opinion
Автор: Szde Yu
Просмотреть резюме

A study of cognitive warfare and psychological strategies seeking to gradually influence the targeted public’s beliefs, opinions and perceptions with an empirical focus on the China-Taiwan relationship.

2023 | Journal of Information Warfare | Article
Combatting Privacy Information Warfare: A New Incident Response Framework
Автор: Sean McElroy, Lisa McKee
Просмотреть резюме

A study proposing new conceptual models and a methodology to guide the mitigation of privacy-related harms and tactics of sophisticated threat actors in information warfare.

2023 | Comparative Strategy | Article
Russian Full Spectrum Conflicts and Information Warfare as Complex Adaptive Systems: The 2014 Crimean Case Study
Автор: Riccardo Allegri
Просмотреть резюме

A study of asymmetrical information tactics through the lens of Complex Adaptive Systems that seeks to demonstrate how, by controlling the information flow during the Russian annexation of Crimea, Moscow applied complexity to the adversary on the one hand and stabilised the Crimean social system on the other.

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