Launched in 2009, the Eastern Partnership (EaP) aims to deepen and strengthen relations between the European Union (EU), its Member States and its six Eastern neighbours: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (‘the partner countries’).

The Eastern Partnership and its members are targets of disinformation campaigns, which deprive citizens of clear and verifiable information about the initiative and its benefits. The most common disinformation narratives spread fear and seek to convince that citizens of Eastern Partnership countries do not have a choice over their decisions.

Please click below to see the collection of most common disinformation narratives:

Factsheet in English

Factsheet in Russian

However, a disinformation landscape in each partner country also differ depending on geopolitical situation, political developments, and triggered sensitive issues as well as discussions in the society. Spread of targeted disinformation messages plays a role in contaminating information space and causing even deeper divisions in societies.

Here is a collection of disinformation landscape snapshots in each partner country:

Armenia: Disinformation Divides Armenia
Azerbaijan: Disinformation and Information Manipulation in Azerbaijan
Belarus: Scapegoating the EU’s Eastern Partnership in Belarus
Georgia: Pro-Kremlin Outlets Try to Create an Alternative Anti-Western Reality in Georgia
Republic of Moldova: Disinformation and Elections in Moldova
Ukraine: The Kremlin’s Main Target of Disinformation…

Credible journalism is at the core of a democratic society and essential in in building up its resilience to disinformation. EUvsDisinfo has published a series of articles, giving voice to independent journalism in the Eastern Partnership countries:

Armenia: Manipulation, Censorship and Disinformation Traps: Several Challenges to Democracy
Azerbaijan: Breeze in Baku
Belarus: Disinformation Means Treating a Deadly Disease with Vodka and a Tractor
Georgia: Disinformation Can Do Anything: From Insulting People to Ruining Them
Republic of Moldova: Check the Source. Check the Source. Check the Source…
Ukraine: Read Quality Media and Your World Will be Healthy