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Read recent research and analysis exposing disinformation by Digital Forensic Research Lab and become a Digital Sherlock.

DISARM is an open-source, master framework for fighting disinformation for those cooperating in the fight against disinformation. It provides a common playbook, language and approaches for diverse teams and organizations to coordinate their efforts and act in harmony.

Find your local fact-checker in the EU with EDMO. Check their site for the map of fact-checking initiatives across all EU member states, recent debunks, analysis and much more.

The mapping by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom offers, among other topics, information about media ownership, whistleblowing protection, freedom of information across the EU.

Collection of open source tools for online investigations and fact-checking. Trainings, analysis, investigations recommended by Bellingcat, an independent international collective of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists.

An open source platform aiming to engage communities and citizen journalists alongside newsroom and freelance journalists for collaborative, decentralised content verification, tracking, and debunking. Accessible from your browser.